Home Repair and Maintenance Service

Welcome to my website. My name is Mickey Goodyear. I’m a woodworker, born in 1952 and raised in the good old USA. I have been doing it for over 40 years and 35 of it under my own business, Lands End Construction.

  • home maintenance
  • handyman services
  • decks and additions
  • house paintings
  • dock repairs and dock rebuilds
  • rot repairs and termite repairs
  • roof cleaning (if the pitch is not too steep to walk on)

I have a keen ability to spot problems that a house may be having that will cause it problems. I can see small cracks that allow water to go where it should not and start the rot process. I can see roofing problems that will cause damage if not repaired and paint on your house that is just starting to fail. I can also tell when hardware failure is beginning. That is when the nails, screws and hardware that holds a house together starts to rust and fail and allow parts of the house to start coming apart.

So please look through the website and see some of the repairs I have done and call me about your homes needs.

Home Maintenance and Improvements are my specialties.

Thank you for visiting my website.