The pictures on this page are showing various jobs we have done. A variety of work from repairs, jobs we have rebuilt and brand new construction as well.

It shows the range of jobs we are capable of doing and the quality of work we are capable of producing. The only reason that I don’t go further on some jobs, is the homeowners desire to stay within a certain budget (which, in this economy I completely understand) or the fact that some houses are just so old that the owner doesn’t want to completely restore them. I try to be flexible to the owners needs and budget. Almost all houses are worth keeping in good maintenance and repair, but they might not be worth making them perfect.

Some of the work that we have done is on old 35mm film and I still need to put them in digital format. I will add some of those as I find them and convert them to digital.

Rood leaks in an 8 year old house because the roofers didn’t seal up the holes from the scaffold boards when they removed them.

Floating Dock rebuild. Old float came apart from galvanized hardware failure. Galvanized hardware just doesn’t stand up to the test of time like Stainless Steel does. This is what happens when you try to save a dollar in the wrong place.

Building a deck over a pond.