I have done hundreds if not a thousand or more repair jobs as well as new construction during my career.
Shown below are some of the jobs that make my point as to why home maintenance makes common sense and is so important.

Read the caption under the photos, it explains what I’m trying to show you in the pictures.


A 150 year old house that had a roof leak that rotted out a lot of a corner through both floors of the house.

Toilet Leak Repair

Deck Replacement

About the images

The pictures above are of several houses that I have repaired with a variety of problems. The moral of this story is to look over your house closely and regularly. If you can’t, then you need someone that can spot these type of things and do the repairs to fix them and prevent future problems. You can see why. It doesn’t matter if it’s 150 years old or brand new. I’m doing preventative maintenance on a new house for a man now and am already finding many things that will turn into costly repairs if not fixed and corrected.

Another similar circumstance

Just down the beach from the 8 year old white house in the second set of pictures is a neighbor that had to replace all the shingles on his 9 year old roof. The reason, all the electro galvanized nails had the heads rusting off of them because of the salt water being so close and the shingles were blowing off of his roof in the wind.