I also offer home maintenance and repair services. If you live near me, my home base is Beaufort SC and its surrounding areas. You can schedule an appointment for me to come out and look your house over for similar types of problems that I have shown on the other pages of this site, or to look at things you have already found that need attention and give you an estimate for the repairs.

If you would like to have me look over your home for these types of things. The size of your home, the bigger they are the longer it takes to look over them, and the distance I have to travel will determine the cost. I can leave you with a list of my findings, with pictures, and recommendations for repair. If it is within the range of my repair skills, you can contract with me to do the necessary work. Or I can at least tell you what other tradesman you will need to contact.

If you are looking for the cheapest bid, I won’t be it. You get what you pay for and the pictures you have seen on my other pages show the results of a cheaper bid. I only use the best materials and the best techniques available to me at the time to do the repairs. Doing things right the first time always takes a little longer. However, it never takes as long as having to take it apart and do it over.

My services are actually available at any distance, if you are willing to cover all my expenses to get to you and home again. One of my mottos is: Have Tools/Will Travel.

Home inspections of a different kind

I have over 35 years experience in all phases of construction, maintenance and rot and termite repairs. Actually I have been around construction since I was a child helping my grandfather on his jobs. I have seen all kinds of problems and situations. I’m not the typical home inspection guy that you hire before you buy your house. However,if I can find anything wrong that needs repair or maintenance on your home, it means that the home inspector, the contractor and the building inspector have all missed it. I find very few homes that I can’t find something that needs immediate attention. There is always the exception of those real quality home builders that just build the perfect home and the inspectors that really take the time to do a thorough job. I salute them all. If you have such a home, you already know it and don’t need my services.

The pictures you have seen have all been of houses that someone else built. I don’t think that all contractors mean to leave these things in a house. I think that some of their help doesn’t have enough experience to know better and that the contractor doesn’t think to check behind all of them or just doesn’t always have or make the time to.

Also, I am not perfect, we all get snow blind looking at the entire exterior and interior of a house. However, if you have 100 leaks in your roof and I find 99 of them. It doesn’t mean I didn’t do my job, it just means I need to come back and try my best to find the elusive last one. Now, if you have that many leaks in your roof, your common sense should say that you really need a new roof, but,I hope that you get my point.

I am very thorough and do my best to find, document and take a picture of anything I find that needs attention. Bottom line is, I will let you make up your own mind as to what you think needs your immediate attention. I can only point out the problems. You have to want to do what is necessary to fix them.

I also can check on a new house that is under construction and catch things that need attention as the house is built. As well as coming in before you sign that last check to the builder and do a walk through with you and make a list of things you would want made right before the builder is gone.

A lot of contractors always try to do the best work that can be done. That being said, I have run across contractors that just don’t care. They cut corners and costs anywhere they can, hire the cheapest labor they can find and leave you with the results. There are other builders that just try to cut a corner in the wrong place as you have seen from the pictures on the “Repairs I Have Done” page. These things happen all the time. I know, I’ve been in business all these years fixing them.

Tree Trimming Service

I can trim trees around your house and roof, as long as it is safely within reach and the pitch of the house if it is not too steep. Trees should not touch your roof or your house. They fly back and forth in a storm doing damage to the exterior. Also, they allow access for squirrels, rats and other animals to those areas of your house. I have also seen ants use branches to get to different areas of a house.

I’ve seen where tree limbs have completely rubbed shingles off of a roof, rubbed through power lines and rubbed paint right off of the house.

You have to remember that in a storm, the tree limbs move back and forth a pretty good ways. Watch them next time the winds get above 10 to 20 MPH and see what I mean.

Other Services

I also clean leaves, pine needles, limbs and moss off of a roof if it is not too steep. Debris like that will decompose on the roof and start to decompose your shingles from the top side. Shingles should be kept clean so they can dry out properly after a rain. Their job is to divert water and snow off of your roof. You should not let them turn into a compost pile.